RTO Guitars

The electric guitar is an excellent vehicle for applying your imagination and innovation; it is a blank canvas for wood, metal, paint, and electrical expression. I can think of nothing that offers this wide range of creativity. My mechanical and electrical background are extensive. My life from the beginning has involved beautiful functional art forms; sports cars, speed boats, and all forms of motorcycles. I saw the potential to encompass all areas of interest, including my life long love of rock and roll music, and express it in within an electric guitar design.

  The first RTO guitar was built in 2007. I soon realized the need for a higher quality tremolo design. We were granted a United States Patent in 2010. Also in 2010 I attempted my first original design guitar and soon found out it is very difficult to come up with a new, fresh design since everything imaginable has been attempted. "Ugly" has been done just to be different but I believe we have succeeded on all levels with the RTO Boomerang. It has always stirred emotion and prompted discussion. They are a neck-through design and are available as a special order build and we usually have a few finished for sale.

  Another area of focus for us is taking existing guitar body shapes and producing 12 string versions; all with our patented tremolo system. Some of the shapes we are using are 'Flying V', Reverse and Non-Reverse Firebirds. Any shape is available by special order. The Boomerang is also available as a 12 string model. THE ELECTRIC 12 STRING ROCKS!!! Even more so with our tremolo with carefully selected ratios of lift per string so the pairs do not go out of tune with one and the 6 pairs stay relative to each other. Guitar manufactures have mostly turned their back on the electric 12 string. At RTO Guitar, we take them very seriously and want to champion their advancement.

  A third area of focus for us is starting with a new stripped body and neck or "Husk" of a Gibson and building from there. We choose Gibson because most Gibson designs seem to beg for a tremolo, while the tremolos Gibson offers are lacking in performance, The SG is our favorite to modify. It gets our patented tremolo system with our own take on the Gibson Maestro tailpiece and three humbuckers with out 3 point adjustment setup which corrects Gibson's notorious issue of the pickups being level with the strings.

  A fourth new area for us is centered around our new Strat-geometry tremolo. It is no Fender, Floyd Rose, or Wilkinson. I set out to design the best possible tremolo for this application. Much thought and advancement of the design yielded Floyd Rose range without the locking nut and mini tuners and a much cleaner look. You can bend strings and the tremolo mechanism will not lift and the tune stability and sustain are excellent.

  We are always open to taking on a potential customer's dream, whether it be a type of fixed bridge or a guitar build of their own design. Because we fabricate our own bridges and make most other hardware ourselves, this puts us in a unique position as builders in the boutique guitar arena. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss any electric guitar related project you may have in mind. We build ONLY electrics and have no plans to build acoustics.