Variations of RTO Tremolo

s-type tremolo

six string tremolo

twelve string tremolo

RTO tremolo

RTO six string tremolo

The Patented RTO tremolo design consists of a fixed roller bridge housed in a surface-mounted carrier along with hold-down rollers and the tremolo mechanism. We designed this tremolo or, vibrato system, to eliminate all shortcomings associated with previous designs. 

All strings have five points of contact and they are easy to change. the load associated with the strings and springs is carried on the ceramic nitride bearings, (Low friction, high load carrying capacity.) supported by a hardened bearing shaft. each hold-down roller also has its own bearing to eliminate friction. preload adjustment is easy access from the back using two three millimeter allen bolts. the preload mechanism can adjust from extra light to heavy string sets without adding or subtracting springs. 

Adjustable arm and receiver in the main rocker. Absolutely no "slop" or slack from your hand to the strings and it is a push-in/pull-out design. All hardware is made of stainless steel. this design allows for modifying individual string lift ratios. Our standard ratios, pictured, uses a cam for the high E string to widen the range of movement. the high E  typically has the least amount of movement  on a tremolo since it is strung very tight. 

the benefits of this design yield:

* Surface-mount means no routing or modification for installation. will screw directly down on the guitar body or can mount on the four posts of a T.O.M. with an adapter plate. 

(Can be special ordered separately per application.) 

* Excellent tone and sustain.

* Minimal to no lifting when bending strings.

* Vary smooth, tight, and accurate feel from lever to springs.

* Easy string changes and preload adjustment.

* Its "Floating" design allows for excellent range, both in relax and stretch.

* Palm muting is super comfortable with its forward mounted roller bridge.

* Entire alloy assembly weighs less than one pound.

* Designed and constructed to outlast all other tremolo designs and with no required maintenance.

twelve string tremolo

RTO twelve string tremolo design

Much of the initial descriptions apply here with the exception of some key differences. Of course it carries twelve strings but much was done to make this work. Using standard unaltered lift ratios on a twelve string tremolo produces an unpleasant sound. we noticed this with our first prototype. this is caused by the different gauge pairs going out of tune with one another. to fix this issue all string ratios have been altered either by cutting down into the main pivot or using a cam per string. The G pairing was unobtainable in nature so we opted to use matched plain strings on the high E, B, and G. An additional benefit of this is a more pleasant sound when playing lead on a twelve string guitar.

The other main difference between a six and twelve string tremolo is on the low E,A, and D strings we use a split roller on the bridge and each string within those tree pairs has its own hold-down roller. If you look at the rollers during tremolo movement you will easily notice the different gauge paired rollers turning at different rates. this is necessary to achieve tune stability.

It is hard enough to design a twelve string tremolo to stay in tune. our design achieves this while also delivering a light feel at the lever as well as a pleasant throughout the tremolos range. Tune stability on our RT12 is amazing. We achieved even better tune stability then we expected on this model. a joy to play and it opens a new door to creativity for the professional guitarist.

S type tremolo

Additional Information

 This tremolo exists for two reasons. One, to offer a smaller overall appearance. Boutique guitar builders many times do not want a large bride covering their expansive tone woods. the want a tremolo with a small and pleasant appearance. Two, this RTO tremolo design achieves Floyd Rose tremolo range without the mini tuners, locking nut, and bulk of the FR. This tremolo is a dive bombing, squealing distortion crown jewel. we use a large brass sustain block that is drilled so string changes can be performed simple and quick from the top-side of the guitar. Just depress the tremolo full forward and feed the string through. The string fingers are also made of brass for a superior tone and sustain. The tremolo's leaver and its receiver are the same as the other RTO tremolos; push-in/pull-out with adjustment for tension and length. This achieves a very direct, nice feel at the leaver. The only viable reason to use mini tuners and locking nut is if using a 

"Hockey Stick" or other 'For styling purpose only' headstock. The advancements of locking tuners, LSR, roller, or Graphtech XL nut negate any reason otherwise. our new S-type tremolo will retrofit most guitars equipped with the same type with some additional routing for its roller bearing pivot. We could not be happier with this new addition to our line up. we even eliminated the tremolo mechanism lifting when bending strings. It has surpassed all expectations we had for range, sustain, tune stability, and "feel" at the lever.