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A New Instrument 

Ray is "one of those guys".  He is a gear head supreme and a long time motorcycle technician with the exactitude to rise in that field. Turning his attention to the guitar and particularly the tremolo, it is to produce a new instrument in that his tremolo unit imbues a guitar with some of the same qualities of an instrument like the sitar, which a whole flurry of notes are within a bend of sometimes an octave.  The RTO tremolo takes an improvisor and composer into a realm of creation untapped by other tremolos that are not as smooth. I can say that the mass and down pressure provided by the RTO improves the sound of my guitar and it is possibly the most brilliant design.  I love this unit and it has brought new life to my playing.  The smoothest tremolo made and it keeps in tune.

Larry Cooperman

I was looking to build a modern electric twelve string guitar. Modern shape, feel and sound. I discovered RTO on line, and saw Ray's wonderfull creation for those of us who love twelve strings. Ray is great to deal with and will quickly become your friend. The whammy showed up and I was blown away by the quality of workmanship and ease of installation. Works fantastic and opens up a whole new direction for one's sonic pallet.  Buy one you will love it! I can't set mine down.

Jeff Kyner-Kyner Guitars

You can't believe how much I hate vibratos/tremolos, footswitches,, gadgets, period..I yanked the vibrato of a Rickenbacker 60 years ago, and left the broke  one out of my Strat for the last 30 years. I hate being out of tune for any reason, real or imagined...Then I saw this creation of Ray's, and now I'm re-learning guitar all over while I drag this beauty coast to coast..Don't believe me?..Ask around, I've stuck it under the noses of guitarists nationwide..And, since I now write material around it's versatility, I'll continue to flash it everywhere..Watch for me..I'm the crazy guy that's in PERFECT TUNE!

Gary Bergman

I learned about Ray Olsen and RTO Tremolo through a post on Ebay.  If you are like me who was searching for a easy to install surface mounting tremolo for SG style guitars with tuning stability you have come to the right place.  The item arrived and within half an hour the unit was installed up and running.  I ended up purchasing a standard ratio six string all aluminum unit and could not be happier. The tremolo adds monster sustain and added bite to leads.  Over all the tremolo is there when you want it and as stable as a fixed bridge if you do not.  This is due to the locking function.  A+ tremolo and company.  I WILL do business again!

Peter B


Amazing Tremolo! Returns to tune exactly. Beautiful craftsmanship and design, top notch finish and materials. Great sustain and really lets the harmonics sing. Perfect solution for the SG! 

Prospective guitar owner should turn sight toward RTO Guitars. Fresh ideas and boutique quality.